Harmonics International Co., Ltd. Corporate Profile (English)


Harmonics International has been discovering talents both domestically and internationally since 2006 for the satisfaction of many valued clients’ businesses. The company was established to offer a wide range of different services to productions with the objective of spreading excellent music across the globe.

We take pride in producing the finest compositions, top-class recordings, and highly-rated concerts (often those of video game music) by coordinating performers, orchestras, composers, and arrangers from various countries.
Harmonics International ultimately aims to introduce Japanese culture and talent to the world, building a bridge that also enables the world to reciprocate.

Businesss Services

Artist management
Concert planning and production
Album production and distribution
Website production

Main Credits

  • Music Production
    • Resident Evil 6 (CAPCOM/PS3) – Music and Orchestra Recording Coordination
    • Binary Domain (SEGA/PS3) – Orchestra Recording Coordination
    • Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories (Bandai Namco Entertainment/PS3) – Music Coordination
  • Concert Planning and Production
    • Super Mario 30th Anniversary – Concert Planning
    • Legend of Zelda Symphony: Majora’s Mask 3D – Launch Concert Planning and Production
    • Monster Hunter Orchestra Concerts 2009 – 2015 Planning and Production
    • The Gaspar Cassado International Violincello Competition in Hachioji – Stage Direction
  • Soundtracks
    • Monster Hunter Orchestra Live 2014~2021
    • Puzzle & Dragons Original Soundtrack
    • Virtua Fighter Best Track + One
  • Website Production
    • FINAL FANTASY XI 5th Anniversary Event Special Website
    • Former Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan Official Website
    • Pole To Win Co., Ltd. Official Website

Company outline and contact

Please feel free to contact us at info@harmonics.co.jp with any inquiries or interests.